Jeanne Arnold, Member

    Jeanne J. Arnold was appointed as Chief Diversity Officer at Gettysburg College in August of 2014. Her priorities here include implementing an Inclusion Action Plan, a Campus Climate Survey and a Religious Inclusion Policy (finalized in January, 2016) for the college. She is also currently engaging faculty, staff, students and the broader Gettysburg community in the use of the Intercultural Development Inventory to enhance cultural competence.

    Prior to joining Gettysburg, Dr. Arnold was the inaugural Vice President for Inclusion and Equity at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) from 2008 – 2014. She also served as the Executive Director of Affirmative Action and as the Director of the African- American Resource Center at the University of Pennsylvania from 1995 – 2007. In addition, Dr. Arnold held an adjunct faculty appointment at the Graduate School of Social Work for three years. She earned her doctorate in Higher Education Management and a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania as well as a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social Welfare from Pennsylvania State University.

    Dr. Arnold serves on the board of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education and the Association of Black Women in Higher Education.

    Josef Brandauer, President

    Josef Brandauer is a professor of Health Sciences at Gettysburg College with a PhD in Exercise Physiology. Josef’s undergraduate degree from Salzburg, Austria is in teaching Middle School English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Physical Education. As a native of Austria, Josef is fluent in German and fascinated by how different intercultural experiences shape learning. As a scientist, Josef is especially interested in helping students develop their love for scientific inquiry and discovery. He admires VIDA’s commitment to a multicultural and bilingual education for both native Spanish and English speakers and healthy lifestyles. Josef will bring a commitment to high academic quality and rigor, a background in grant writing and act as a bridge between VIDA and Gettysburg College. He would like to find creative ways to leverage new resources for VIDA to continue to grow and thrive.

    Yeimi K Gagliardi, Member

    Yeimi K Gagliardi, works as a Latino health educator in Adams County for Wellspan Health.  She also serves as chairperson for the Latino Services Task Force and the Tobacco Prevention Task Force of Healthy Adams County where she leads and collaborates, with other community based organization, in the development, implementation and evaluation of initiatives to reach under served communities in Adams County.  Some of the initiatives that she had overseen include:

    • Early childhood education program for Spanish speaking childcare providers
    • Health literacy programs for Hispanics
    • Tobacco cessation programs in Spanish
    • Underage drinking prevention campaign for Latino families
    • Access to healthcare services fo uninsured and underinsured
    • Language and interpretation services for individuals with limited English proficiency
    • Reproductive health services for minority women
    • Spanish for the healthcare worker program at Wellspan Health
    • Diabetes outreach program for Hispanic patients

    Mrs. Gagliardi graduated from Sergio Arboleda university in Bogota, Columbia with a Bachelors of Sciences Degree in Finance and Foreign Trade, and holds a Masters degree  in Spanish and Latin American Studies from American University in Washington DC.  Mrs. Gagliardi has more than 15 years of experience working with Latino communities in the United States.  Her work in Adams County includes hosting and organizing regional forums to raise awareness about the needs of Latinos.  In her role as a chair for the Latino Services Task Force she assists local community based organizations with developing and implementing programs that provide trustworthy information on healthcare, education services, social services among others.  Her most recent work includes participating in a community partnership to develop a Raid Response Team to address the fear and anxiety of Latino community members in Adam County are experiencing due to the recent immigration rhetoric and policies.

    She is currently a board member at the Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania, the Hispanic American Center in Manos Unidas and is an advocate for the research on cures for pediatric brain cancer.

    Darren Glass, Vice-President

    Darren Glass is the Alumni Professor of Mathematics at Gettysburg College, where he is also the Director of the First-Year Seminar Program.  He received his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in 2002 and his BA from Rice University in 1997, and has been a member of the Gettysburg community for 13 years.  Before joining the board, he served on the Vida Finance Committee for several years, helped evaluate Mathematics curricula, and has been a Vida parent for five years.  He also has a certificate from the Meson Sacristia Cooking School in Puebla Mexico, and loves to show off these skills. 

    Greg Murry, Treasurer

    Gregory Murry is an Associate Professor of History and Director of the Core Curriculum at Mount Saint Mary’s University.   He received his Ph.D. in history from Pennsylvania State University in 2009.  Next fall, he will have four children at Vida.  He is a fervent supporter of bilingual education and hopes to see Vida thrive for many years to come.

    Sally Powell, Member

    Sally Bussey Powell started her teaching career over twenty years ago at a small middle school in rural Virginia, where she worked as a science and social studies teacher before moving on to teach science in rural and suburban school districts outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She moved to Gettysburg in 2008 and for the past ten years she has taught English language learners in Carroll County, Maryland. This experience, in particular, has sharpened her awareness of the learning challenges faced by students who are not native English speakers and has reinforced the idea that small, caring, and cohesive learning environments provide essential support not only to students who may not feel welcome in school and who may struggle to communicate with there teachers and connect with their peers, but to every child and even to teachers as well. She believes very strongly that the culture of a school matters as much as the curriculum does, which is why she and her husband have chosen to enroll two of their children, Cabell and Annabelle, at Vida. She sees in Vida an opportunity to create a school that truly meets the needs of all students by making their world bigger through cross-cultural communication, mutual understanding, a challenging academic program, and a shared sense of purpose.

    Sally earned her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science at the University of Virginia and an Master of Arts in Teaching at Mary Baldwin College. She also holds an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree granted by the University of Georgia. She lives in Gettysburg with her husband, Dave, her four children (Jackson, Caroline, Cabell, and Annabelle), a dog named Dewey and a cat named Conway.

    Rukhsana Rahman, Member

    Rukhsana has lived in Gettysburg since 1986 where she lives with her husband, 2 adult sons, a cat and 3 fish. Their daughter lives in California. All their kids are adopted, and Rukhsana practices as a radiologist at Gettysburg Hospital.

    Proud to call herself a 'Third Culture Kid,' someone who grew up outside her parents’ culture, Rukhsana was born in United Kingdom to parents of Indian decent and migrated in 1979 to America to pursue further career opportunities.

    She was a board member for 6 and half years and past co-president of the Gettysburg YWCA as well as 2016 co-recipient of Adams County MLK Living the Dream award, with her husband. Rukhsana is passionate about education and believes that good educational opportunities are the way to empower people around the world and eliminate poverty, despair and wars. Rukhsana and her husband co-founded a non-profit foundation, Friends of UNZA (University of Zambia) in 2012 with its major objective being to provide educational support. In her spare time Rukhsana loves to sit in her garden listening to birds and watching the sunset. She also enjoys reading, knitting, and above all travelling.

    Melissa Rosenberger, Secretary

    Melissa Rosenbergerand her family joined the Vida Charter School community in 2011. Her family lives on a small farm in Gardners. She graduated from Trinity High School in Camp Hill and the University of Pittsburgh where she studied Sociology and Hispanic Studies. Over the years, she has provided Vida with school wide programs focused on anti-bullying and body rights. She has facilitated and assisted in the coordination of two grant funded evidenced-based programs at Vida, The Incredible Years Program / Dinosaur School and Strengthening Families. Last year, she organized a series of friendship circles for the 5th and 6th graders.  Melissa serves on the Wellness Committee at Vida and has assisted in the revisions of the Bullying Policy. In the Adams County community, Melissa assists families in planning for healthy and positive futures!

    Chloe Ruff, Member 

    Chloe Ruff is an Assistant Professor of Education at Gettysburg College. She received her PhD in Educational Psychology from Virginia Tech in 2013 and Masters in Teaching from Mary Baldwin College in 2004. Chloe has worked as a teacher for the past two decades with students who ranged from elementary-aged to college. This work has included collaboratively teaching English and science as a middle school special educator and teaching forest and stream ecology while tromping through the mud with elementary students as an environmental educator. Chloe now works with future teachers at Gettysburg College teaching them how to effectively support student learning, development, and motivation both in and out of the classroom.

    Chloe and her family became part of the Vida Charter School community five years ago. She has seen the direct impact of a Vida education on her children. The teachers and school community at Vida Charter have helped to shape her children (Liam, Conor, and Charlotte) into thoughtful learners and compassionate individuals.